Californian Massage (60 mn or 90 mn)

Fluid and harmonious movements for the relaxation of all your body .

Ayurvedic Massage (60 mn or 90 mn)

A complete massage, both soft and tonic to relieve tensions and regain energy and vitality.

Thai Massage (60 mn or 90 mn)

Rythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body. Massage without oil.


Balinese Massage (60 mn or 90 mn)

This Indonesian massage include acupressure, percussion and application of essential oils.

Plantar Reflexology (60 mn)

Pressures on reflex zones for natural balance along with a relaxing massage of the legs.

Muscle recovery treatment (60 mn)

ldeal after a skiing day, this exceptional treatment reduces muscular tensions, allows the
recovery, and vitality.

Back Massage (45 mn)

A blissful break when tensions of your back and neck are relived and you enjoy suppleness and tonus.

Sports Leg Massage (45 mn)

Helps recover after exercise and stimulate blood circulation.


The Massages

* Professional massages, mainly relaxing and of well-being. Not sexual massage